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Petrol Lawn Mower – Self propelled Type

What is self-propelled mower - Self-propelled lawn mowers require the operator to squeeze a bar to engage the mower....

This causes self-propelled mowers to take off -- all you have to do is control the direction in which they go. If you release your grip on the bar, the mower blade stops spinning. This is a safety feature (and more or less the norm nowadays). At lawncare we have option with MTD / Briggs & Stratton / Honda engine power.

Model HK 2160 S HK H2160 S HK 2160SA
Make Lawncare BS Lawncare Honda Lawncare BS
Engine B&S 190cc, cast iron sleeve, OHV Honda GXV160 cc, Cast iron sleeve, OHV B&S 190cc, cast iron sleeve, OHV
Cutting Width 21" 21" 21"
Cutting Height 15 – 65mm 15 - 80 mm 20- 80 mm
Cutting Height Adjust 8 stage 8 stage 8 stage
Transmission Single speed, Rear wheel Single speed, Front wheel Single speed, Rear wheel
Color Silver Silver Silver
Blade Swing Swing straight
Deck steel steel No rust, aluminum alloy
Weight 32 kgs 35 kgs 45 kgs