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Welcome to Lawn Care Equipment

Every lawn is different which is why Ha-Ko has developed a comprehensive range of lawn and garden equipment. Most Hako mowers have been designed to meet the needs of the heaviest lawn conditions and the longest mowing times, therefore they are built to last. With nearly 30 years history of manufacturing excellence, hako combines quality and innovation with reliability you can trust. Hako's Mission: To be a leading manufacturer and distributor of consumer outdoor sports ground equipment & power products in our chosen markets worldwide. We deliver a range of quality lawn and garden products. The business also markets a more affordable range of products under the Briggs & Stratton Brand. We deliver a range of quality lawn and garden products.

Under lawncare brand we manufacture Reel and Rotary blade lawn mowers which are available in market with walk-behind and rideon type option.

Our walk-behind rotary blade mowers are offered with option of heavy duty 2 & 3 Electric motor option for commercial use. With petrol Engine option of 4~6hp Honda and Briggs and stratton make. Good quality powered coated steel Decks are designed to withstand the commercial use and giving the minimum cutting height of 15 mm which no other imported mowers can offer.

Rideon Lawn tractor Mowers - we are proud to be the first manufacturer in India delivering the best in market against the imported rideons. LT4018 has all that features as compared to imported rideon mowers, Lt4018 is designed keeping in mind the Indian condition and commercial usage for longer hours. The 40" fabricated deck is made 1.6 & 2.0mm Mildsteel with sufficiently strong air stream needed to lift the grass clippings to the desired cutting height, and discharge the grass out the rear of the mower deck into the collection container, even if the grass is lightly wet.

Cylinder blade Lawn mowers - We offer professional series Reel blade mowers for various sports ground application, our Golf / Pitch 550 is made from high carbon baron steel, laser sharp 11 blade reel and  is specially designed and developed to achieve the best finished low cut (2mm zero cut) on Golf Greens and Cricket Pitches. Outfield 760 Rideon mowers comes with bigger 8 blade Reel and lowest cut of 6~7 mm, Outfield 760 has detachable rideon seat for operators comfort. Both machines chassis are fabricated with the help of CNC lazer cutting and bending machine.

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