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Brief explanation & differences on Rotary & cylinder (reel) blades lawnmowers
Reel mowers have a series of blades than rotate downwards over the lawn, brushing up the grass as it's cut with one blade following the next in quick succession. Incorporating the blades along the axle between the wheels can generate the reel's spinning motion. For this reason reel mowers can be non-motorized push mowers, which is just one difference between a reel and rotary lawn mower.

Rotary mowers have a horizontally mounted fan-style blade that spins in a circular motion. The fast sweep of the fan blade over the top of the turf cuts the grass. Rotary mowers are always powered mowers, as it takes an engine to spin the blade with the velocity required to cut grass. Because the blade spins horizontally, rotary mowers are especially suited to lawns that are largely made of weeds, dandelions and other tall sprouting grasses. Singular tall stems or blades can be missed by reel style mowers that lay them flat, only to have them spring up again.

Weeds aside, most professionals agree that between a reel and rotary lawn mower, the reel cuts lawn more evenly and much closer than a rotary. Reels can give lawn that "putting green" look. Reels also cut cleanly, allowing grass to create a natural seal that protects it against harmful pathogens. Rotary mowers are likened more to tearing grass. When grass is torn rather than cut it might develop brown tips that can take away from the overall beauty and health of the lawn.

If your lawn is less than 8,000 square feet (743 sq. meters), the choice between a reel and rotary lawn mower might be an easy one. A good manual reel mower will cost about Rs. 4000.00~4500 and is environmentally friendly. Mowing the lawn frequently will keep the experience enjoyable, as a tall grass requires more push. A manual reel mower is a great way to get exercise and keep your yard looking its best.

Among mowers that are powered, the reel and rotary lawn mower comes in one of two models: push or self-propelled. The engine on a simple power mower is only used to spin the blades. This is supposed to make it easier to push the mower over the grass, however, you now have the added weight of the engine. If you want the mower to be self-propelled as well, a different engine and design is used. This is the most expensive kind of mower, but the easiest to use.Ha-ko Lawn mowers are powered by B&S or honda petrol engine, Frequent mowing helps reduce weed growth while strengthening grass. When mowing the yard, it's best to overlap rows by half, and mow the entire lawn in a back and forth pattern, for example north and south. Follow this with perpendicular rows, or east and west. Avoid mowing in a circular pattern. Reel and rotary blades should be professionally sharpened as a matter of routine to keep your lawn looking its best.

Lawncare has a wide range of both a reel and rotary lawn mowers for various applications, rotary mowers have a less expensive design and are therefore more popular. Virtually all commercial mowers are reel mowers. For commercial use rotary and reel mowers are recommended due to its finishing cuts.

Our range also includes a range of Reel blade mowers for Golf putting greens and Cricket pitches /30yard circle, where 2 to 4mm of minimum cut is required (zero cutting finish).