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Lawn Scarifier


Also known as scrafier, de-thatcher etc.

Lawn scarifier / Rake

Powered by an easy to start, reliable 4.5hp/ series 750, 160cc Briggs&Stratton engine the ‘lawncare’ power rake has a 47cm/19” working width. The pressed steel body has a hard wearing powder-coated paint finish and is extremely durable.

Controlled by a clutch system, the raking rotor is fitted with sixteen double tipped carbon steel blades. Raking depth is fully adjustable to a maximum 70mm, to remove thatch and aerate roots gently but effectively

More Details:

Lawn Aerator

Most lawns are subject to the problem of soil compaction which makes it difficult for the grass roots to breathe.

Lawn aerator aerates the earth, improves drainage and relieves compaction. They also break up part old roots to promote growth of new ones.

Model HK-CA450
Engine model 208cc Petrol Engine
Clutch Tensional pulley
Drive Belt and chains
Working width(mm) 450
Aerate depth(mm) 70
Aerate spacing (mm) 100 x 200
Wheel size Front 10''x2.75' Rear 8''×2'' Rear
Max.m²/h 1600
Bobweight(kgs) 16 x 2
Net weight(kgs) 140